Simone Coleman Behaviour Specialist

Simone Coleman

Behaviour Specialist (BCBA)

I hold an Upper Class B.A. (Hons) in Psychology, a Post-Graduate Diploma in Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) from Trinity College Dublin, and an M.Sc. in ABA from Bangor University Wales. I obtained my Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA) accreditation in 2016.


I have worked as an ABA tutor in both an ASD preschool and for private families as part of the Home Tuition Scheme. While completing my M.Sc. in the UK I worked as an Assistant Behaviour Analyst with a Positive Behaviour Support Service where I gained valuable experience working with both children and adults with a diagnosis of autism and intellectual disability who displayed severe challenging behaviour, and assisted in developing functionally equivalent behaviour support plans while also providing training packages to parents, schools and staff teams. My M.Sc. research thesis focused on improving engagement levels in the local council’s Dementia Day Services. I have also worked in a residential setting for adults with an Acquired Brain Injury, and became an Assistant Psychologist while working for the same organisation for almost 2 years, providing 1:1 therapy and conducting neuropsychological assessments under the supervision of a Senior Clinical Psychologist.

Prior to setting up Positive Behaviour Solutions I was working as a Behaviour Analyst (BCBA®) for an assessment and therapy clinic in Dublin, working with families and schools developing behavioural intervention packages, providing parenting training workshops and running Social Skills groups. I am currently a Trainee Educational Psychologist, where I am in my Second Year of the Ed.Psych. Doctorate programme.

I am also a proud mum of one little boy - my greatest achievement to date!